Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why so

I am really confused and some time scared while sharing my thoughts
 and other details over the virtual world.
Some time its not good to share it all,as some will laugh on you some will make fun of you,others will find your someone seeking for emotional help.
It can be more worse if you are a girl.they will make you uncomfortable.
We have our own private life then why make it public.orkut ,facebook,twitter,linkedin,blogs and many more to go.but still looking for other alternatives.
If you are facing troubles in life as everyone suffers it will be of any help
 to publish the sort of things?for whom?
I wish we could draw a line between our personal and social life.share joy not sorrow.
no one else will suffer on your behalf.
If you have commitments in life why to show it off yaar.
everyone has his or her own commitments.
you not the only one on the earth.
May be you are insecure thats why
 you are trying to make it understand by  your own.

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